Leyland Trade Truguard Smooth Masonry Exterior Paint 5L Gardenia

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360 Leyland Trade Truguard Smooth Masonry Exterior Paint 5L Gardenia

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Product Description

Leyland Trade Truguard is a durable exterior water based coating for most masonry surfaces providing a tough durable film with excellent resistance to dirt and grime. Leyland Trugard is suitable for brush, roller and spray application.
Leyland Trade Truguard Smooth Masonry is a durable coating suitable for most exterior masonry surfaces. The tough, durable film offers excellent resistance to the accumulation of dirt and grime and protects against weathering and atmospheric pollution.

Key Features
  • Tough and durable
  • Anti-carbonation properties*
  • Up to 14m² per litre
  • Recoatable in 4 hours
  • Water-based
  • Suitable for brush, roller and spray application

Surface Preparation
Ensure surface to be painted is sound, clean, dry and free from grease. Treat any mould or lichen with sterilisation wash as directed. Truguard smooth masonry paint can be applied directly over bare and previously painted surfaces provided these are clean, sound and firm. Chalky, underbound surfaces should be scraped, dry brushed and then given a coat of truguard stabilising masonry primer. Remove any lime wash or distemper completely. Wear a suitable face mask if creating dust. Before applying truguard stabilising masonry primer to the whole surface, first carry out a test application to a small area. If this dries to a glossy film, thin with 1 part of white spirit to two parts of truguard stabilising masonry primer and then test again in another small area. It is important to ensure that a non-glossy, dried, sealed surface is produced.

Application Method
Suitable for brush, roller, conventional and airless spray application.

Recommended Systems
Stir well before use. Do not thin, except for absorbent surfaces, or when applying by roller or spray when a small quantity of clean water may be added. Apply 2 full coats, allowing 4 to 6 hours between coats under normal drying conditions. Do not apply when air or surface temperatures are below 10°C, or when rain is imminent.

Cleaning Up
Remove as much as the product as possible from application equipment before cleaning. Clean equipment immediately after use with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Do not empty product into drains or watercourses.

EU limit value for this product (Cat A/c) : 75g/l (2007) / 40g/l (2010).
This product contains max 3g/l VOC

* Anti-carbonisation is the ability of a coating to resist the ingress of carbon dioxide. Ingress of carbon dioxide can lead to the carbonisation of concrete, the corrosion of steel reinforcement bars and ultimately the deterioration of the concrete through cracking and spalling.

Additional Information

timber_length N/A
metre_priced N/A
Thickness N/A
Effect N/A
Dimensions N/A
Pack Size N/A
Boards Per Pack N/A
flooring_finish1 N/A
Edges N/A
Installation Method(s) N/A
Underfloor Heating N/A
Suitable For N/A
Domestic Warranty N/A
Commercial Warranty N/A
Durability Rating N/A
Construction N/A
Finish N/A
Wear Layer N/A
Width N/A
Installation Method N/A
Lengths N/A
Length Type N/A
M2 Per Pack N/A
Average Length N/A
Pack Weight N/A
Top Edge Detail N/A
Surface Texture N/A
Colouring Process N/A
Suitable for Underfloor Heating N/A
Hardness N/A
Timber Source N/A
Environmental N/A
Manufacturer N/A
Brand N/A
Range N/A
Suitable for N/A
Backing N/A
Colour Gardenia
Finish No
Secondry Finish N/A
Range N/A
Thickness N/A
Material N/A
coshh information No
Size 5L
length N/A
Unit Of Sale N/A
kerridge_weight 6.5436kg
brand Leyland Paint
Barcode 5010426630045
edpcode 300694
Pack No
cores N/A
Screwed / Screwless N/A
Insert Colour N/A
Gangs N/A
Ways N/A
Pole Type N/A
IP Rating N/A
Amps N/A
Lamp / Bulb Type N/A
Fitting Type N/A
Dimmable N/A
Lumens N/A
Colour Temp N/A
Lamp Render N/A
Lamp / Bulb Shape N/A
Cut Out Size N/A
Wattage N/A
Voltage N/A
handle_type N/A
fixings_style N/A
construction_style N/A
cylinder_style N/A
rose_style N/A
lock_style N/A
Grade N/A
Re-Coat Time Re-Coat In 4 Hours
Drying Time N/A
cabinet size N/A
glazing N/A
style N/A
manufacturer_extra N/A
durability N/A
comp_strength N/A
brick_guarantee N/A
active_salts N/A
water_absorption N/A
wirecut_stock N/A